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Skin Heal 寵物皮膚神仙水

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Skin Heal
寵物皮膚神仙水 🐶🐱







❌不含苯甲酸酯, 丙二醇 (化學原料, 可能導致過敏的防腐劑)
❌不經動物測試 - 愛地球,愛動物



Skin Heal helps soothe itchy, red, raw and irritated skin caused by allergies or infection, as well as help heal minor wounds, scrapes and insect stings. As an external spray, it works brilliantly with The Natural Healer, giving pooch both internal and external support. It can be used on it's own too and provides relief from the symptoms of a wide range of conditions, including sunburn/damage, eczema, hot spots, minor burns and scalds and pressure sores. As an all-round skin healer, this spray is a handy addition to any first-aid kit.

Directions: Shake before using. Apply topically. Spray directly onto problem areas and avoid spraying in eyes. Repeat as often as needed. 

Ingredients: acidic water (ph2.5), lavender essential oils, Thyme essential oils, Hyaluronic acid

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