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LONC(Love Organic Natural Care)品牌是由充滿熱愛並關心寵物健康和生命的創辦人於2015年創立。我們的願景是創造一個人與寵物共融、人寵共享社會美好的環境。作為一位寵物媽媽和寵物愛好者,我們希望寵物能夠和我們一起度過長久而健康的日子,就像每一位寵物家長一樣。喜愛大自然及深信自然療法能活出創造健康。熱愛芳香精油與植物,深信大自然所孕育的能量是人類及寵物健康的福祉。品牌不單注重效果及安全性外,對產品內外美學要求甚高,更深度重視人與寵物之間的關係與發展,希望我們的產品能夠讓這個世界變得不同和更加快樂。也強調香港品牌三大核心價值「天然、健康、企業責任」。


Founded in 2015, LONC (Love Organic Natural Care) is a brand born out of our deep love and concern for the health and well-being of pets. Our mission is to create a society where humans and pets can coexist harmoniously and enjoy the beauty of life together. As devoted pet parents and enthusiasts, we want our pets to stay with us for as long as possible, in good health, just like any other loving pet parent. That's why we established this company – to share all the good things in life and bring joy to everyone. Our products are natural and specifically designed with a focus on pets. Every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the well-being and happiness of all pets. We are creative with heart, setting high standards for aesthetics and practical functionality, always considering the user's perspective. We hope our products can make this world a little different and happier.

Additionally, we actively collaborate with NGOs dedicated to rescuing stray cats and dogs, doing our best to help these homeless animals in different ways. This collaboration is a part of us, as we strive to provide pet owners with high-quality choices while making a tangible contribution to the welfare of stray cats and dogs.

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